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The Wellness Village

The Wellness Village is such a great resource for me. It is well situated, pleasantly designed, and so convenient to get wonderful massages, energy work, acupuncture and Pilates instruction all under one roof. I recommend it often to friends...


Turning Point Acupuncture

After seeing Anna one time, I could not believe the improvement in my shoulder.  It was unbelievable and almost gone.  I still had some pain but not like before.  I was constantly taking Advil or pain pills to function but now it’s only occasional.  I’ve gone back again for another follow-up treatment and hopefully after that will only need to go as needed.


I highly recommend Anna for anything you are suffering from.  It has made a big difference for me.  I also suffer from migraines and acupuncture has made a big difference for me too. 


SC - Goochland, VA

I have been going to Turning Point Acupuncture for treatment of chronic migraines for 3 months.

After 6 weeks of receiving treatment, my headache symptoms significantly decreased in both severity and frequency. After my 4th session with Anna, I remember laying in bed that night and realizing for the first time that I had ZERO headache symptoms. Relief does not even describe how great I feel. Anna helps me feel comfortable and her knowledge base in both western and eastern medicine gives a well rounded approach to her treatment. After feeling like I was out of options- Anna has helped me see that there is a solution to my pain and never minimized how I was feeling. 


DG – Richmond, VA

I have seen Anna twice and can tell the biggest difference.  Nothing else has helped so far and I have had a lot done believe me...  I never thought I would ever be doing acupuncture but I am a believer in it now!

SC - Richmond, VA

Holli Greenspan Colon Hydrotherapy

I have engaged the Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy services of the Wellness Village for the past twelve months. This facility is top notch and my hats off and compliments to Paige, Lise and Holli. I am grateful that the Wellness Village is here to assist me with my health maintenance requirements. This facility is a hidden gem in the Richmond area for all health conscious individuals. 


Having recently completed the initial protocols associated with Colon Hydrotherapy, I was very favorably impressed with the ease of the process and extremely impressed with the knowledge and expertise of Holli Greenspan who oversees this modality at the Wellness Village. Holli presents a wealth of health information along with her extensive experience in the area of Colon Hydrotherapy. Holli carefully removes the mystique and guides one through the process with comfort and ease. Money well spent!


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