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Holistic Practices Under One Roof
The Wellness Village is home to independently owned businesses, conveniently located under one roof, offering wellness and healing through preventative care and complementary medicine.

Paige Beale had a vision to bring together, under one roof, individual practitioners offering holistic healthcare options to the community. In 2007, this vision came to fruition as

The Wellness Village, Your Oasis of Health. 


When you arrive at the Wellness Village, you will find a welcoming and tranquil setting where our goal is to assist you on your journey to physical and emotional health and well-being.

Our professionally trained practitioners offer services including massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, clinical therapy/social work, complimentary medical hypnosis, Pilates, and more! Our Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioners offer women's health services, ion cleanse detox foot baths, breast thermography, nutritional counseling, and acupuncture. 

Whatever your goals toward living a healthier life may be, we are here to facilitate that process and provide the resources you need to live your best life. 

Read the full story here. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  

Our Holistic Practices

Turning Point Acupuncture

Anna’s primary focus as an acupuncturist is pain management. She also treats women's health issues, GI conditions and allergies. Acupuncture engages the body’s natural healing abilities. Modern research shows the effectiveness of this ancient technique. 

Richmond Skincare: Aquamarine

Anna Vikul is a Master Esthetician with a medical background from the Ukraine, offering a wide range of skincare services to help her clients "remove, rebuild, protect, and maintain" the health of their skin. 

Holistic Practices
Holli Greenspan, Colon Hydrotherapist

Colon Hydrotherapy is a re-energizing, restorative, non-medical procedure, simply involving an internal bath of the large intestine with warm, filtered water. Intestinal cleansing is the most effective way to rid the body of toxic accumulations, the key to improving overall health.

Lifestyle Designs, LLC

Debbie Troxell offers an integrative practice in which she educates and guides clients in making healthy lifestyle choices. Recognizing each person’s uniqueness, our body’s capacity to heal itself when given what it needs, and empowering individuals to take responsibility for their own health, Debbie’s services provide a holistic, compassionate, and effective approach to promoting wellness.

Get In Touch With Our Holistic Practices

The Wellness Village,

Your Oasis of Health

The Wellness Village Richmond VA

The Wellness Village
1404 Starling Drive      Richmond, VA 23229

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